About Banda

Welcome to Banda, a digital platform where musicians and music lovers
band together


Communities make music, music makes communities

It’s Time to Play

It is time for music to be made and enjoyed by all.
Here is your network.
Here is your opportunity.
Here are your people.

It’s Time to Vibe

In the words of Hans Christian Andersen, “Where words fail, music speaks.” We want to get people into a room, so we can grow through conversation. We want to get music into every room, so that any conversation can be had.

It’s Time to Band Together

This platform brings booking live music and promotion into the 21st century, creating ease for all parties involved.

All users can:

  • Create an artist profile for free
  • Find a gig for free
  • Post an event for free
  • Discover talent for your event efficiently
  • Book artists securely
  • Maximize your event's value intelligently
  • Create promotions or automated coupons for free
  • Make new connections within the industry for free
  • Engage in cross promotion with any user for free

We are an amalgamation of people from different corners of life who came together over a love of music. From early times, music was a means of preserving history, educating people, and unifying cultures. We believe that still is the case. Musicians should not be an isolated, rarified breed. Live music should not be an inaccessible luxury. With the help of every user, we seek to bring live music to the forefront of modern culture.